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AC Milan Set To Lose Out On 5 Million Euros In Revenue Due To Stadium Restrictions Tomorrow

The club will miss out on a healthy sum of money as a result of an inconsistent application of rules.

Atletico Madrid v AC Milan: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Claudio Villa/AC Milan via Getty Images

AC Milan are set to play their derby against Juventus tomorrow night in front of just 5,000 fans at the San Siro as per changed restrictions for stadiums in Italy. The cap on the number of fans is irrespective of the capacity of the stadium - which has been criticised - as this hurts those with small stadiums less than those with larger ones and actually raises the number of fans allowed from the previous 50% cap for some stadiums.

In addition, the restrictions are set to be lifted in February hence the two match days affected represented two Milan home games and one of those being the derby which is a big financial hit.

Milan’s President spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport via and commented to say:

“Milan-Juve would have guaranteed us a collection of 5 million, and we are talking about just one Sunday. Who will give it back to us? We want to resume as soon as possible, in compliance with the numbers of infections, the path towards full stadiums.”