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AC Milan Centre Back Working For Derby Return But It Is Unlikely

The defender’s absence is a huge blow after his exemplary form over the past twelve months.

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Fikayo Tomori

AC Milan have lost key centre back Fikayo Tomori for at least a month at a crucial point in the season where fixtures against Juventus, Inter Milan and the quart final of the Coppa Italia are approaching. There is some hope that the defender could return for the derby but it seems unlikely and dangerous.

As per the official club statement, it was reported that the recovery time is estimated to be 30 days which would signal a return in mid February hence missing quite a few crucial games.

A knee specialist spoke to and pointed out that Tomori could possibly return for the derby which is in 22 days:

“Well, he could do it, if they force the times a little, they could do it, even if – I repeat – forcing is not always best. Risks? No, they are relative, let’s talk about the right precautions. The choice will be made by the Milan medical team which, in my opinion, is among the best in Italy, they are very good, very experienced and very capable.”

He did however add on accelerated timelines:

“Theoretically yes, it is a problem that can have recovery times even shorter than 35 days, but, being a surgical intervention, it is necessary to respecting biological times and safeguarding the athlete’s health; recovering too quickly is not always convenient.”