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AC Milan’s President Provides A Positive Update On The New Stadium Plan

Milan desperately need the stadium to begin to compete with the top European clubs of today financially.

AC Milan Travel To Trieste Photo by Claudio Villa/AC Milan via Getty Images

AC Milan are barreling forward with their plan to build their own stadium to boost the revenues of the club and improve the brand of the side. Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni has spoken on the matter following months of obstacles and stop-starts given the multiple requests from the City Council of Milan and the Mayor.

Scaroni spoke to TG3 via to say:

“Milan is very ready. It seems to me that the city council is also ready. I have received assurances from Mayor Sala that, with the changes we have made, our project is fine. I also feel that the opposition, given that we are in election time, is in favour of building the new stadium at San Siro.”

“I would like to say that on this front, I feel confident that things will happen in a short period of time. Milan-Inter Stadium? Milan-Inter Stadium: it is our project together with Milan.”