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AC Milan President and CEO Speak Confidently Regarding The New Stadium Project

There is optimism to kick off the project this year and be ready within four or five years.

‘Uno Stadio Per Milano’ Conference Photo by Pier Marco Tacca - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

AC Milan and Inter Milan are currently on stand by regarding the progress of the permissions for the Nuovo Stadio Milano as council election in Milan are set to take place in October. There is some confidence from the management as neither the current party nor the opposition seem to have an issue with the project.

Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni seems confident as he said via Pianeta Milan:

“I hope that the city council will approve the project that contains the 16 required changes immediately after the elections. Then the retail project starts for six months. Then the construction. In October or November there will be a choice on the two projects.”

Milan’s CEO Ivan Gazidis in a separate interview with Sette via has said:

“We are ready. The sooner we do it, the sooner Milan will have not only one stadium worldwide, but two teams worldwide. It will also be important for the city: people will come to Milan and it will be one of the places they will want to visit, such as the Duomo.”