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AC Milan Goalkeeper Racially Abused By Juventus Fan At The Allianz Stadium

Milan have called for action again, when will the FIGC take this seriously?

@mmseize on Twitter

AC Milan faced Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in Turin this weekend coming away with a 1-1 draw. Unfortunately, one of Milan’s players was faced with racist abuse from some fans during the warm up. This is the second consecutive week where a Milan player has been racially abused by fans, Lazio fans abused Bakayoko at the San Siro and now Juventus fans do the same at the Allianz.

In the video below via MilanEye, you can clearly hear the player being racially abused by Juventus fans during the warm up. are reporting that Milan had been in contact with Juventus over the issue and the Turin based club are already internally investigating the incident to identify those involved.

Maignan has responded online on Twitter as you can see here or below.

On Sunday evening at Allianz Stadium, Juventus supporters targeted me with racial slurs and cries. What do you want me to say? That racism is wrong and that these supporters are stupid? It’s not about that. I am neither the first nor the last player to have this happen. As long as these events are treated as ‘isolated incidents’ and no comprehensive action is taken, history is bound to repeat itself over and over and over again.

“What are we doing to combat racism in football stadiums? Do you really believe it’s effective? I am in a club that strives to lead the way by opposing all forms of discrimination. But we need to be more numerous and to be united in this battle for society which goes beyond football.

“In the proceedings, do the people who decide know what it feels like to hear insults and cries relegating us to the rank of animals? Do they know what it does for our families, for our loved ones who see it and who do not understand that it could still happen in 2021?

“I am not a ‘victim’ of racism. I am Mike, standing, black and proud. As long as we can give our voice to change things, we will.”