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Rating AC Milan’s Summer Transfer Window 2021/2022 Part 2

In this article we will look at those who departed the club

AC Milan Travel To Valencia Photo by Claudio Villa/AC Milan via Getty Images

Here we are going to look at the uglier side of the AC Milan transfer window, everyone who departed the club. We will grade anyone first-team player who left on loan, for a transfer fee or even free. Let’s get right into and grade the players and snakes that left the club this summer.


Diego Laxalt: For a reported fee of around 3 million euros, Laxalt left with not much fan and personally I forgot that even left. Nonetheless, it was good for Milan to get rid of some unwanted baggage and for a transfer fee. 7/10

Antonio Donnarumma: One of Milan’s greatest bench players has finally left the club. He has been getting a million in salary since he arrivedat the club, and it is great to see him leave. 10/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Now, I am pretty happy that Hakan left because I do not think he is good or consistent enough for Milan. Even though it is a free transfer I still like the club holding their ground and not backing down. Hakan will have his good games and might even have an amazing match in the derby, but his bad games will be overwhelming. 6.5/10

Gianluigi Donnarumma: Now this is the one that everyone has been waiting for, the star player that left on a free transfer. I have two major thoughts about Gigio leaving, it is fantastic that this management isn’t going to be pushed around because no player is bigger than the club. On the other hand, a star and potential world-class player leave the club for zero compensation. Selling a talent like Gigio would have been great for the club financially and helped them in this transfer market. 5.5/10

Lorenzo Colombo: Another loan move for Colombo is good for him. Colombo needs minutes and consistent minutes; with Milan, he just wouldn’t get that. Colombo isn’t ready to lead the line in Serie A, but he could grow a lot with Spal. 7.5/10

Jens Petter Hauge: This transfer sparked a lot of talking amongst Milan fans everywhere. I believe Jens needs a lot more time to perform at a first-team level and Milan he doesn’t have that time. It was nice to see Milan double their money fairly quickly. It was either Leao or Hauge and you can’t give up on Leao just yet. Yes, Jens has scored in the Bundesliga but those are tap in so Milan fans shouldn’t overreact. 7/10

Mattia Caldara: This wasn’t great business for Milan because this will most likely turn out to be a dry loan. Caldara needs to be sold outright and these constant loans to teams that aren’t willing to buy him won’t help the club. 5.5/10

Tommaso Pobega: Another loan deal is good for Pobega. Last season he performed well in Spezia and a move to Torino with Ivan Juric should see him grow even more. I could see Pobega being a better Krunic and performing in a variety of roles. 7.5/10