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AC Milan and Denmark Defender Simon Kjaer Receives UEFA President’s Award Alongside Danish Medical Staff

A big honour for the defender.

Denmark v Belgium - UEFA Euro 2020: Group B Photo by Jonathan Nackstrand - Pool/Getty Images

AC Milan centre back and Denmark captain Simon Kjaer alongside the Danish medical team have been awarded the UEFA President’s award. Kjaer has been recognised for showing “exceptional leadership qualities” in his response to the situation. The player and the medical team saved the life of midfielder Christian Eriksen after he collapsed on the pitch during the opening game of the Euro 2020s.

Kjaer accepted the award and said via the BBC:

“It’s something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives,” said Kjaer.

“The team reacted as a unit…as a team, we made the maximum effort to stick together and try to get through that situation and be as helpful as possible.

“I try to lead the team on and off the pitch, in every aspect of life, as footballers, when we’re together. I think it’s one of the biggest privileges I have in my career.

“I’ve known Christian for many years. He has a great family, he has a lot of friends, a lot of team-mates that want the best for him. As long as he’s happy and his family is good, I’m happy.”