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AC Milan President Discusses The Mercato, The Stadium and Club Finances

The future seems bright but the progress will be slow until the club is able to boost revenues through a self-owned stadium.

AC Milan Travel To Trieste Photo by Claudio Villa/AC Milan via Getty Images

AC Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni spoke to Corriere della Sera via on the situation at the club as the summer transfer window comes to a close. He discussed the following topics and had this to say:

On the transfer window: “I note that Milan have spent 70 million in this window. It’s true, however, that the Italian teams are less active than those of the other leagues. And here we need to make an argument: first, the mercenaries are now rarefied. Second: as long as we have obsolete stadiums and it takes incredible bureaucratic delays to make new ones, we will remain the like this.”

On the Nuovo Stadio Milano: “In Milan, now, we are in the electoral era, but I don’t see anyone opposing it. Not the city council, which has studied the project carefully and reconfirmed its intention to proceed with the green light after we have completed the 16 different requests. The opposition also seems favourable. I hope for a quick approval because two years have already passed since the presentation of the project and things are being done in Milan.”

On the clubs finances: “I can say that the 21/22 result is better than that of 20/21, which was better than 19/20. Our goal is to have a Milan that generates cash: we are beginning to see it. We have entered into 20 new partnerships.”

On Champions League: “It always is [the goal].”