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AC Milan One Step Away From Closing Deal For Bordeaux Midfielder

Adli is French but could play for Algeria if he switches his national team, thus AFCON may still be an issue.

FBL-FRA-LIGUE1-REIMS-BORDEAUX Photo by FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI/AFP via Getty Images are reporting that AC Milan are indeed interested in Bordeaux midfielder Yacine Adli but clarify that he would be a defensive midfield addition as opposed to an attacking one. He is similar to a deep lying playmaker but is defensively sound.

Antonio Vitiello is reporting that there is a small economic distance between the clubs but this should be resolved without an issue. He seems set to be the fourth midfielder for the season.

Calcio Mercato are reporting that Milan are working on a 10 million euro deal plus bonuses which could take it to 15 million euros. PSG will reportedly gain 40% of the value of the sale as there is a sell on clause from when Bordeaux signed him. The final details are close and the player could be signed this week.

Daniele Longo is reporting that the deal is just one step away and the coming hours will be key to finalise the move.