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Leaked: AC Milan’s Away Kit For The Upcoming Season

Seems plainer than expected but hopefully the actual product lives up to the hype. have leaked AC Milan’s away shirt for next season. The off white shirt has been rumoured to be a collaboration with Fondazione Milan for the longest time featuring maps of six cities on the shirt but these come out extremely faint on the shirt making it look practically plain. The borders of the shirt on the sleeves will be red and will the sponsor logo of Emirates. The Puma logo however will be black on the right of the shirt. On the back of the neck, there will be a print of Fondazione Milan to show the link with the project.

As per the leak, the charitable project will be as follows:

“Fondazione Milan and PUMA will together set up the Sport for Change program in 6 cities within 6 continents. To give the AC Milan away jersey a global feel and a direct connection to the Sport for Change locations, we created a stylish pattern made from the city-maps of these global cities.”

Have a look at the kit below: