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AC Milan Only Rank Sixth In Serie A For Shirt Sponsorship With Emirates

The Rossoneri have a smaller base but more room to add on the variable earnings.

AC Milan

Gazzetta dello Sport via are reporting that AC Milan have fallen behind in the rankings of main shirt sponsors following the announcement of the deal between and Inter Milan replacing Pirelli. Juventus, Fiorentina and Sassuolo also get more than Milan but their sponsors are affiliated to the owners of the club and in some cases own both the club and the sponsor.

Milan currently earn 10 million euros from Emirates but the a number of bonus opportunities based on their performances. Milan only rank 6th in terms of main shirt sponsors in Serie A this season. The one benefit of the lower fixed amount is that the Rossoneri can add sponsors to the sleeves and the back of the shirt which has not yet happened. The Rossonere have Banco BPM as their front of shirt sponsor. Here is the list:

  1. Juventus: Jeep (€45m)
  2. Fiorentina: Mediacom (€25m)
  3. Inter: (€20m)
  4. Sassuolo: Mapei (€18m)
  5. Roma: DigitalBits (€12m)
  6. Milan: Emirates (€10m)