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APA Milan Show Support In AC Milan’s Approach To Contract Renewals This Summer

Milan are looking to sure up the finances and the talent, the approach is cut throat this summer but the shareholders and fans seems happy.

APA Milan

APA Milan (the small shareholder’s association) in a press release via have expressed their happiness with the handling of contract renewals by AC Milan’s directors in recent weeks. This pertains specifically to the situation of Gianluigi Donnarumma who is set to leave for free on the 30th of June as Milan. Milan are currently still negotiating with Hakan Calhanoglu and it remains to be seen what approach the management take to deal with this situation.

“APA Milan has closely followed the evolution of player renewals with contracts expiring. APA Milan would like to publicly express its support and appreciation for the hard line held by the management towards those players and their agents who thought they could blackmail them to obtain engagements that are not in line with a healthy and sustainable management of a football club. AC Milan belongs to those who love it, not to those who want to exploit it.”