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AC Milan Women: A Season in Review

Highlighting the ups and downs of this remarkable season.

AC Milan v FC Internazionale - Women’s Coppa Italia Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Despite losing the Coppa Italia final, the AC Milan Women still managed to have a good season. They still managed to achieve their primary goal of the season, which was to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Here’s a look at the highs and lows for the team this season.

They did it!

For the first time in their history, the AC Milan Women have qualified for the Champions League.

They did so after a nail-biter of a match against Sassuolo. And they also qualified for the competition around the same time the men did, which means that we’ll get to see both teams in the competition next season.

This is yet another first for both teams, as this is the first time that the men’s and women’s teams will play in Europe next season.

The Rossonere will reconvene in late July in preparation for next season’s tournament. They’ll also start playing their Champions League qualifiers in August.

The first-ever Asian player for the Milan Women

Yui Hasegawa became the first Asian player to sign for Milan. Her signing was also announced on her birthday. Talk about a great present.

The midfielder also registered three goals and one assist for the Rossonere during this season. There have been a lot of pesky rumors about her possible departure. We hope that she’ll refute all of them and stay with us.

The Verónica Boquete Effect

As we’ve mentioned before, Vero’s signing has benefited Milan in so many ways. The first is that her presence has raised the team’s profile, and Serie A Femminile’s as well. Vero is the first, high-profile player to play for both the team and the league. Her presence will inspire other talented players to play in the league in the future.

Vero has also benefited from her move to Milan in several different ways. Before joining the Rossonere, Vero had 54,300 followers on Instagram. Now, she has over 63,000 of them. Her most liked post was also her announcement that she signed for Milan.

It’s a safe bet to say that a lot of her followers are Milan fans. Signing for the club has no doubt, increased her profile, as she has now been introduced to millions of the team’s fans around the world. She has also won over quite a few of them.

In a recent interview with AS, Boquete stated that she was pretty close to heading back home to Spain before signing a renewal with Milan. We’re glad she’s opted to stay with us.

Her signing has also had another effect on the team, comparable to a player who made huge waves across the Atlantic Ocean. When Manny Machado signed for the San Diego Padres, he came to symbolize being more than just a ‘Big Name’ signing. Machado gave the team star power and stellar, all-star-worthy defense at third base. He also became a sign that the Padres were serious about becoming a good team, as they were willing to pay $300 million for a good player. But more importantly, he was a sign that the Friars were serious about becoming a competitive team.

While Milan won’t pay that much for Vero, the fact that they signed a player of her caliber means they are serious about improving the team and making them legit contenders.

And let’s also hope that they’ll continue to show their commitment by bringing in players that will improve the overall quality of the squad.

Playing at the San Siro

And for the first time in their history, the Rossonere got to play at the San Siro. They got to grace the field of La Scala del Calcio in a match against Juventus.

Unfortunately, the match didn’t go the way they wanted it to, as they lost 1-0 to the Bianconere.

Still, Milan can be proud of the fact that they made history. They can also take comfort in knowing they’ll return to the venue next season, as they’ll be playing their Champions League matches in the stadium.

AC Milan v Juventus - Italian Serie A Women Photo by Mattia Ozbot/Soccrates/Getty Images


Milan’s stats were impressive. The team scored 42 goals and only conceded 17. The team also kept twelve clean sheets and won sixteen of their matches.

It was a stark improvement over last season, where they dropped points against the likes of Florentia. Now, they dispatch teams like the Neroverde with ease.

The Rossonere have also stated that they want to improve on their performance this season and to try to not lose or tie as many matches. With this in mind, the only way they can go from here is up.

Milan’s overall stats for the season

What’s Coming Next?

More news about the Milan Women’s transfer market and other content will be posted fairly soon.