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AC Milan and Inter Milan Submit Ownership Documents To Milan’s City Council For New Stadium Project

Milan and Inter take steps forward after months of deadlock.

AC Milan - Populous

Corriere della Sera via are reporting that AC Milan and Inter Milan are making progress forward to resume the planning for the Nuovo Stadio Milano. The report notes that the clubs provided clarifications on their ownership situations to the City Council. The Milan City Council has requested information on the shareholders of both teams.

The documents will be reviewed and a decision on whether the project is ‘in public interest’ will need to be made. This is a condition that will allow for permissions to begin construction. This process may still take a couple of months before the go ahead arrives.

Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni this week has said:

“It seems to me that there are no more obstacles, except for the municipal elections. The project is an indispensable gift for the city of Milan. I am convinced that we will. We hope to complete the stadium before the 2026 Olympics.”