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AC Milan Seriously Considering Going Solo For The New Stadium

Milan need the stadium to further improve their financial health and it seems they are willing to risk a solo project to achieve this goal.

Tuttosport via are reporting that AC Milan are currently frustrated as the stadium project has hit a major road block due to the financial situation of Inter Milan and the Mayor of Milan has asked for clarifications on their situation. There is some reported friction between Inter and the Mayor over the inquiries made.

The report is noting that the Rossoneri have been working on an alternative solution for a while now as they explore the option to pursue a stadium on their own. The situation could change as the current proposed plan is focused on the San Siro area and this only works if both clubs work together. Elliot Management are reportedly looking at the stadium as a fundamental step forward for Milan to secure healthy revenues in the long term and thus the option to go alone is a very real possibility at the moment. The current plans from Manica and Populous would likely be affected by this shift.