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Official: Julia Šimić leaves AC Milan and retires from football

And for one last time — Julia take your man home!

imago images/Sportimage

Yesterday, Julia Šimić announced that she was retiring from football. Her retirement means that she has officially left the AC Milan Women and will no longer play with the team.

With Julia’s departure, there is now a vacancy in Milan’s midfield. There has been some speculation as to who might replace her. Šimić has played a total of five games for Milan. She’s played four in the league and one in the Coppa Italia against Orobica.

When Šimić first signed for Milan, there were great expectations for her, as she was one of the most anticipated signings of the summer. Unfortunately, the midfielder has been plagued by a reoccurring knee injury that kept her sidelined for most of the season. The injury prevented her from playing and thus left many of those promises unfulfilled.

Julia has had a long and fabled career and has won trophies in Germany with Bayern Munich, FFC Turbine Potsdam, and VFL Wolfsburg. She has also won the FA Cup with West Ham in England and the UEFA Under-19 Championship with Germany.

The sun has now set on her storied career, and a new and exciting chapter awaits her.

And now, in her honor, let’s play this song one last time:

Julia, take your man home!