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AC Milan Could Face 2 Year Suspension From Europe Over ESL As Well As Financial Sanctions

The situation is getting worse for Milan as UEFA are out for blood to set an example for the future.

In this photo illustration the Super League, commonly... Photo Illustration by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

ESPN are reporting that UEFA are looking to punish the clubs that took part in the European Super League (ESL) and wants the punishment to be severe for those who are yet to fully pull out of the agreement and any future pursuit of the same. Four remaining clubs in Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan who are set for a two year suspension from European competitions. They are supposedly violating Article 51 of the statutes which states,

“No combinations or alliances between… clubs affiliated, directly or indirectly, to different UEFA Member Associations may be formed without the permission of UEFA.”

The clubs seem confident they have not violated the above as they launched the ESL discussion to get permission from UEFA and was not a formal breakaway. The ESL will be formally terminated in 9 out of 12 clubs pull out of the project.

Sky via are reporting that Milan and Inter are negotiating lower economic sanctions and could exit the ESL in the coming days. The report notes that some form of punishment is also expected from the FIGC. are reporting that the four clubs are not at risk of exclusion from Europe as there was an injuNction granted by a Madrid court to that effect.