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FIGC Enact Anti Super League Regulation In Retaliation To AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus

The ESL has collapsed but steps are being taken to ensure it cannot happen again.


La Gazzetta dello Sport via are reporting that the FIGC passed a law which is an anti-Super League regulation about a week ago in response to the attempt by AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus to join a breakaway mid-week league for elite European clubs. The European Super League (ESL) was expected to have 20 clubs, 12 founders, 3 second degree founders and 5 rotating clubs. 3 of the 12 founders came from Italy. The idea collapsed after immense pressure from fans across the world leading to it’s dissolution in just a few days.

The regulation has been enacted, the Article 16 of the Noif has been modified to read,

“For the purposes of registering for the league, the club undertakes not to participate in competitions organised by private associations not recognised by FIFA, UEFA and the FIGC. Participation in these competitions organised by unrecognised private associations leads to the forfeiture of affiliation.”