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The AC Milan Women send a special message to their fans ahead of the Coppa Italia Final

I’ll send an S.O.S to the world.

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AC Milan v FC Internazionale - Women’s Coppa Italia Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

The AC Milan Women have released a special message ahead of the Coppa Italia final on Sunday. They’ll take on AS Roma then. The Rossonere’s message was directed specifically to their fans, as they thanked them for their support and urged them to spur the team on in the final. The match will take place at 20:30 CET (11:30 am PST / 2:30 PM EST).

Here’s their message for their supporters:


Dear fans,

We have missed you a great deal, really so much.

We haven’t been able to see you in the stands but we have kept you in our hearts for every game, throughout every difficult moment this season and, together, we have reached our goal; we’re playing Champions League football too.

As Stefano Pioli said, “We’re missing your arms raised to the sky, your support when the game starts ... One day, this will be all but a memory. The empty stands will be just a sad page in history.” That day is here.

We’re writing this letter to you because we finally have the chance to be together once more, to experience that sheer emotion that only you can bring us.

We’re writing because we’re tired of imagining you in the stands.

We’re writing because it’s your support that drives us to get to the ball when we feel the fatigue in our legs.

We’re writing because, when we suffer, we know that you will always grit your teeth with us.

We’re writing because we want to celebrate with you when the ball crosses the line.

Now more than ever, we require your support, your strength and your roar.

On Sunday 30 May, we have a football match, and we have a date with history. This could be the first-ever title for girls and therefore yet another title for our Club.

Because we know that we’re stronger together.

We’re waiting for you,

The AC Milan Women’s First Team