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LEAKED: Puma’s AC Milan Third Kit For 2021/22 Season Will Break The Mould

Milan will be using the template seen in the away 2021 Euros shirts.


Toso Sobre Camisetas via have leaked AC Milan’s third shirt for next season just a few days after some confirmations arose of the away shorts. The leak also comes about a week or two following the release of Puma away shirts with the central elements so national sides such as Italy, Switzerland and Austria amongst others.

Todo Sobre Camisetas via

It appears that the same template will be used for Milan’s third shirt which now appears to be black with red accents as opposed to the opposite as previously reported. The shirt will have a central Puma logo with two lines below and the team name in the middle - there does not appear to be a logo used - followed by the sponsor.

Milan have often used black for their third kits in recent years including 2017/18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 with this year being the exception under Puma. It was previously expected to be red in the shade of ‘red blast’ but this only now appears to be the accent colour.