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RSL Soapbox’s Megan Webb on what makes Verónica Boquete so special: ‘AC Milan are fortunate to have her’

A chat with a Utah Royals fan about what makes Vero so special and why Milan are fortunate to have her indeed.

FC Internazionale v AC Milan - Women Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Cottini/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Verónica Boquete has made a big splash ever since coming to Italy. Vero’s signing for AC Milan not only generated headlines the world over, but it also elevated the Rossonere’s game. The team has only gotten better with her on it, as they have now become serious contenders in Serie A Femminile.

And after winning their Coppa Italia tie against crosstown rivals Inter Milan, they now have a legitimate shot at winning their first trophy. This was also due in large part to Boquete, who put in a fantastic performance and was the undisputed MVP of the match.

Watching teams in the Derby is always exciting. But when the amazing Vero is on the pitch, excitement rises. When she scored two goals against Inter, that excitement just bursts out in her fans.

The AC Milan Women will also be taking on AS Roma tomorrow. The match will be played at 15:00 CET (6 am PST / 9 am EST). You’ll be able to watch the game on the AC Milan app and their Dailymotion page.

Recently, I had the chance to speak to RSL Soapbox’s Megan Webb about what makes Vero Boquete so special. Webb had the fortune of watching Boquete while she was at the Utah Royals and she’s now sharing her insight with us.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see Vero in action again. In the meanwhile, please enjoy this chat and let it tide you over until tomorrow.

What kind of a player is Vero Boquete? And what is it about her that makes her so special? Do you think she functions best as a trequartista, regista, a centre-mid or a false-nine? Or is she so versatile that she can play in any position in the midfield and attack with very little problem?

MW: Vero is incredibly versatile, she is great in pretty much any attacking position but especially in the midfield. She is incredible at pulling the strings of an attack, getting assists in, getting those crosses and pinpoint passes. And on top of that she’s amazing with the ball at her feet, her footwork is incredible.

How much of an impact do you think Verónica will have at Milan? Will you be monitoring her progress from abroad?

MW: Milan is very lucky to have her. I think she’s the type of player that can be the final piece of a puzzle to make a good team great, and that didn’t really get to show in Utah. She’s getting a little older, but I think her experience is a lot of her value. I’m hoping as she goes to Milan she gets to be on a more offensive minded team and truly show her strength.

How well do you think that Vero will be able to transition from the NWSL’s style of play (which is more physical and athletic) to the way they play in Italy? Do you think she’ll succeed in Serie A Femminile and adjust to the country’s style of play, which places an emphasis on tactics and technical ability?

MW: I think Serie A’s style of technical ability will be good for her. She is capable of playing with the ball at her feet and her long background around soccer and the tactical side of Serie A will go hand in hand. Vero is talented and has the mind of a coach in a lot of ways, that style of play won’t be an issue for her.

How much did Vero contribute to Utah’s midfield and how much did she contribute to the Royals’ attack? Was the attack mainly dependent on her or did she just bolser it? Do you think she’d be able to do the same things in Italy, where the defenses are much tighter?

MW: I think a lot of Utah’s attack was through her yes, but ultimately Utah’s attack was never the greatest. I think Vero was on a team that defended to the death and didn’t really utilize the skills she had. I think she will be able to handle the stingy defenses but ultimately there will probably be some growing pains for her, but I don’t doubt her ability to be successful.

The Royals’ fans seem to be pretty upset over her departure. What is it about Vero that made the Utah fans love her so much?

MW: I think for a lot of Utah fans what is hard about Vero leaving is losing her work ethic and her overall personality. Vero gave her all and really invested herself into Utah, something we never really saw from some of the other members of URFC, and I think that’s why her leaving was difficult. She loved the city and the city loved her back.

Now that the Royals have moved, would you like to see Vero at Kansas City?

MW: Ultimately, as an NWSL local, I always want to keep the talent in the NWSL. I would love for that to be in KC, or really any team in the NWSL so her talent is kept near me. However as long as she is playing, it’s not super important to me where since sadly we won’t have a team in Utah anymore.

Finally, is there anything else you want us all to know about Vero?

MW: Milan is incredibly lucky to have her. She isn’t the youngest player on the block anymore but her dedication to her teams and the surrounding communities is what I always loved about her. She invests herself where she plays.