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Leaked: AC Milan Away Shirt For 2021-22 Will Feature Maps And A Golden Beige Colour

Milan are expected to have a belter of an away shirt next season. are reporting that AC Milan’s away kit for next season will be a shade of white called Afterglow. The kit will have the logo of the technical sponsor and the front sponsor in red. The leak goes on to note that the shirt will be in benefit of Fondazione Milan and will have a completely different design with a super imposed map. The two colours featured by Puma for the shirt are ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Tango Red.’

As per the report, “The shirt will feature a pattern made from the city maps of six cities from six continents.”

These cities will be a part of a project by Fondazione Milan in 2021. The project is the ‘Sport for Change Program in 6 cities across 6 continents.’

As per the text of the leaked marketing material, the club statement is expected to say, “Fondazione Milan and PUMA will together set up the Sport for Change program in 6 cities within 6 continents. To give the AC Milan away jersey a global feel and a direct connection to the Sport for Change locations, we created a stylish pattern made from the city-maps of these global cities.”