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AC Milan Release Official Statement on The European Super League

Milan do not seem to be all the way out of the arrangement.

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AC Milan via their website have released an official statement on the European Super League:

“We accepted the invitation to participate in the Super League project with the genuine intention to deliver the best possible European competition for football fans around the world and in the best interest of the club and our own fans. Change is not always easy, but evolution is necessary for progress, and the structures of European football have evolved and changed over the decades.

However, the voices and the concerns of fans around the world have clearly been expressed about the Super League, and AC Milan must be sensitive to the voice of those who love this wonderful sport.

We will continue to work hard to deliver a sustainable model for football.”

There have been a number of reports that claim Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan have not left the ESL but have rather shelved the idea for the moment. It remains to be seen what the future holds.