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Pressure Grows For AC Milan To Withdraw From The European Super League As Clubs Begin To Falter

The ESL lasted an unfortunate weekend but UEFA seem to have won this fight through the support of the global fandoms.

Fans Respond To News Of Football Super League Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images

Yesterday morning, AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis sent a letter to the club’s partners on the European Super League (ESL). He gave the project his support and defended it’s value. Hours later, the ESL is imploding.

Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain both denied the opportunity to join the founding clubs of the ESL and their respective Chief Executive Officer and President seem to have joined the board of UEFA as per UEFA’s Twitter.

The BBC is reporting that the ESL seems to be collapsing with Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid reportedly looking to exit their contracts to be one of the founders of the breakaway tournament. This follows reports that Manchester United Chairman Ed Woodward has resigned and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli is expected to resign too in a report.

As a result, TalkSport are reporting that the 12 founding clubs met last night to discuss the way forward and possibly disbanding the tournament.

* Update: Most clubs seem to have withdrawn from the competition and abandoned the project overnight. *