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AC Milan’s Francesca Vitale on the Rossonere’s season: ‘Our fate is in our hands’

But the most important thing is to win.

AC Milan v Empoli Ladies - Women Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

After a two-week hiatus, Serie A Femminile will be back this weekend. The AC Milan women will play S.S.D. Napoli Femminile this Sunday, at 12:30 CET (3:30 am PST / 6:30 am EST).

The Rossonere’s Francesca Vitale gave an interview to Milan TV ahead of Sunday’s match.

Highlights of the interview are below.

On the finishing stages of the season

“We are ready because we want to achieve our goals by the end of the season, we need to do our best in the final rush and are training hard to do so. We’re determined and eager to do well. We always give our all in training because we want to transfer what we do during the week to our matches. Every team has a goal and these are the final games so everyone is charged up to reach the end and reach their objective.”

About their upcoming match with Napoli

“Napoli need to avoid relegation. In recent weeks, they’ve picked up some good results, winning and drawing their games. Their form has been improving and they’ll be coming to Milan to pick up points and play well but we have to be stronger and be even better. Our fate is in our own hands, it all depends on how we do.”

On how they meet their seasonal objectives

“We must take to the field resolute and be determined to win, we need to win all the games that are left this season. That’s the only way to reach our objectives: to qualify for the Champions League. We’ve been together a year more, that’s a year of experience, so the group has grown, from the staff to the players and the team was reinforced during the transfer market with important arrivals and we had very experienced players join us during the season, too, and they help add value to our team. We’ve grown, that is the most important difference.”

On playing in the 3-5-2

“The formation is very different but we’ve been practicing it a lot from the beginning. It is the formation the coach thought was best for our squad. I’m happy with it, I’m used to it. I like it because I can push up more, I have more freedom of movement. It is more demanding, we have to run a lot more, we press a lot more but I enjoy it more.”

On the cohesiveness of the team

“I think there’s great chemistry between us defenders. We help each other out a lot, our unit is very tight-knit regardless of who plays. I believe that is our biggest strength, helping each other out in all situations.”

And what is the most important thing?

“The important thing is winning, always winning. We’ve won the last two.”

[And well, she’s not wrong about that now is she?]

On personal growth

“On a personal level, I have to improve a lot, you can always improve. I need to do a lot more but I work hard and try to do so every day. I do my best for the team. We need to win our matches, and that’s all that matters.”

You can watch Francesca’s interview with Milan here and down below.

You can also watch her and the rest of Milan this Sunday, so be sure to give them your full support then.