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AC Milan Make It In Forbes List Of The 20 Most Valuable Football Clubs

The club is stabilising and the results are getting better, hopefully we climb back up the list.

AC Milan Unveils ‘Casa Milan’ Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Forbes have published their list of the 20 most valuable football clubs. Four Italian clubs made the list with Juventus (11th), Inter Milan (14th), AC Milan (16th) and AS Roma (17th). Juventus are the only club from Italy worth over $1 billion dollars.

Milan is valued at $559 million which is a 4% drop over the past two years and registered $165 million in revenues in 2020. The club’s operating income was at -$92 million with a debt value of 4%.

Barcelona – $4.76bn

Real Madrid – $4.75bn

Manchester United – $4.5bn

Bayern Munich – $4,125bn

Liverpool – $4.1bn

Manchester City – $4bn

Chelsea – $3.2bn

Arsenal – $2.8bn

Paris Saint-Germain – $2.5bn

Tottenham Hotspur – $2.3bn

Juventus – $1.95bn

Borussia Dortmund – $1.9bn

Atletico Madrid – $1bn

Inter Milan– $743m

Everton – $658m

AC Milan – $559m

AS Roma – $548m

West Ham United – $508m

Leicester City – $455m

Ajax – $413m