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Moldovan CEO of World Lab Technologies Inc Wants To Buy AC Milan From Elliot

We have had Mr X, Li Yonghong and now we have Alexandr Jucov. Why are all the potential buyers shrouded in mystery?

Alexandr Jucov

World Lab Technologies Inc. (WLT) in August 2020 expressed their interest in purchasing a majority stake in AC Milan as announced by a press release on the website of their CEO Alexandr Jucov. There is not much information on Jucov and his company publicly available except that which is published by his personal site. His company WLT was established in 2020.

In a press release from lawyer and journalist Felice Raimondi, he announced the his law firm will be assisting World Lab Technologies Inc. with their potential acquisition of AC Milan from Elliot Management.

“The law firms managed by the lawyers Felice Raimondo, Gianluca Frate and Dr. Mauro Gagliardi – the owner of the Marriotts Legal Service – have received the mandate to manage the consultancy and extrajudicial assistance activity in Italy regarding the possible acquisition of the football club AC Milan Spa by the investment fund World Lab Technologies inc., headed by Mr. Alexandr Jucov.

“WLT is a fund with a very significant economic capacity that deals with investing in renewable energy, infrastructure, technology and sport. Legal activity outside Italy is entrusted to the firm Baker McKenzie. More details will be provided later, in the event that Mr. Jucov will reach an agreement in principle with the Elliott fund.”

It remains to be seen where these talks go and if this will be a viable owner.