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AC Milan and Inter Milan Submit New Documents For Stadium But Issues Arise On Inter’s Potential Sale

The stadium looks likely to be delayed until Inter sort out their ownership situation.

FC Internazionale Xmas Dinner Photo by Marco Luzzani - Inter/Inter via Getty Images are reporting that AC Milan and Inter Milan submitted some new documents to the City Council of Milan last week as requested in December. The content is related to the designation of public spaces and the space to be used for entertainment purposes. The economic and financial plans had previously been submitted hence the Council will now be the ones to provide some feedback to see if the project can receive the green light.

An issue that rose last month as reported by La Repubblica via is a concern from the Council regarding the ownership situation of Inter Milan and the future of their ownership by the Suning group. There are reports that the Chinese group are looking to sell shares to a hedge fund called BC Partners and that talks are ongoing.

More recently, concerns have been raised as reported by Bloomberg regarding the future of the club as the debt of the owners becomes worrying after the abrupt shut down of their club Jiangsu Suning FC in China this past month. The Group looks to want to focus on their retail business hence could be forced to sell their 70% stake in Inter throwing the club into some short term turmoil and potentially jeopardising the Stadium project.

Sempre Inter are reporting offers from UK private equity fund BC Partners, the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund and US fund Fortress.