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AC Milan Are Strongest Italian Football Brand In China and USA According To Survey

The red and black brand remains one of the strongest in the world and with improved performances on the pitch is set to rise further.


YouGov via Calcio e Finanza are reporting that AC Milan is the best regarded club from Italy in both the United States and China but is second at home in Italy. This study relates to the brands of football clubs at home and abroad. Milan rank 8th in the US overall and 3rd in China overall according to the study. This study is from February 2020 and Milan have go on to have one of their best run of forms since thus can be considered to be even more well positioned in terms of branding and reach.

The methodology of the study uses the following: impression of players and coaches, sentiment of management, fan culture, tradition, quality of the game and club successes.

YouGov via Calcio e Finanza

Over the past year, Milan have brought in big names such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sandro Tonali to the squad. Milan have partnered with influential brands such as Roc Nation, Paper Planes, BALR and Puma amongst others. The team also went unbeaten in the league for nearly a year and sat in first place for majority of the season and are on track to qualify for the Champions League.