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Milan’s Mayor Says Inter Milan’s Lack Of Transparency Slowing Down Stadium Project

The project seems to be on hold until Inter clarify their ownership and source of investment.

Giornata Dei Giusti Dell’Umanita Celebration Day In Milan Photo by Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Gazzetta dello Sport via had an interview with Milan’s Mayor Beppe Sala on the stadium project of AC Milan and Inter Milan, in which he was critical on Inter:

“I believe that the stadium must be built, I have not changed my mind. But the point is another: the stadium is worth less than half of the real estate project proposed by Inter and Milan.

“Also, is it really so illogical that we want to know who are behind the project, to whom will we entrust the relaunch of the neighbourhood for several years? Inter’s reaction surprised me. I wonder if they are badly advised.

“I would ask President Zhang ‘In China, would they be allowed to talk about institutions the way they did with me?’ I have some doubts… However, I want to do the good of Milan, I’m not offended and I keep saying the stadium is a good opportunity for the city.

“But to close a negotiation, you need to know who you’re closing with. If Inter comes to me and tells me that Suning’s investment continues, I will reactive the dossier. Even if they can guarantee the continuation of the investment that’s enough for me.”

Following this, Inter hit back with a statement of their own. Milan have steered clear of this discourse and continue to maintain the desire to proceed with the project as it remains vital for the club, the city and Italian football.