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Rossoneri Round Up for Mar 20: AC Milan and Avis Italia Boost Their Partnership

Summary of Milan’s news and links for the day.

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AC Milan

AC Milan have announced via their website that they are boosting their partnership from 2019 with Avis Italia. The company provides hybrid powered vehicles for the Rossoneri, the club uses the flexible and green mobility solutions offered by them.

AC Milan sees Avis Italia as the ideal partner to convey a message of environmental sustainability, for the benefit of future generations; a cultural, technological and infrastructural challenge. In fact, over the last few years, one goal of Avis Italia has been to use innovative and flexible solutions to offer a new model of integrated mobility and provide an eco-friendly and financially sustainable transport ecosystem to meet customer requirements.

Under the deal, ‘Cuore Rossonero’ cardholders can apply for an Avis loyalty card for free with a dedicated promotional code valid for rentals in Italy and abroad.

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