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Rossoneri Round Up for Mar 13: AC Milan and To Release NFTs Soon

Summary of Milan’s news and links for the day.

AC Milan

AC Milan partnered with to launch their fan token, the $ACM which is powered by the utility token Chiliz ($CHZ) earlier this year. Milan announced at the time that there would be benefits for the fans such as he right to vote in multiple club decisions each season, VIP rewards & experiences, exclusive club and sponsor promotions, games, competitions and ‘super-fan’ recognition.

Milan have now announced via their Twitter that they will be releasing some NFTs soon.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which is a special type of crypto token that is unique. These tokens are not mutually interchangeable and are usually digital collectibles. These digital tokens are unique and act as a digital certificate of ownership. It will be interesting to see what the NFTs released by Milan will be. Early speculation seems to suggest they will be football trading cards of the squad or artwork.

AC Milan and Italian Football Links