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Official: AC Milan Launch In House Media Production Studios

The club continues to innovate off the pitch to expand it's fan base across the globe and to engage better with its fans.

AC Milan

AC Milan via their website have announced the launch of “The Studios: Milan Media House” - a self owned Media hub for the Rossoneri which will pre creating, producing and distributing the club's audiovisual content. The aim of this project is to provide an al round and immersive experience for the fans of the club.

The studios will be hosted on the first floor of Casa Milan. The media house will have three sets and a press conference room. There will be one control room and seven workstations as well as a voice over room. The studios will be available to hire by third parties.

Milan's Marketing and Digital Director Lamberto Siega will manage a team of 40 people in the technical and creative areas reporting to Chief Revenue Office Casper Stylsvig.

Lamberto Siega said: “With The Studios: Milan Media House we are significantly increasing the production of multimedia content, both for traditional and more innovative platforms. The two pillars of the project are the flexibility of sets and the cutting-edge technology, which means spaces can be used also by our commercial partners and third parties - in addition to the Club’s internal departments. In fact, besides the production of content, the studios are designed to host TownHalls, meetings with sponsors and teamworking events.