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The AC Milan Offside Will Participate In Milan Club Montreal’s FIFA 21 Tournament

Milan Club Montreal have partnered with Fondazione Milan to put on a tournament for a great cause

In 2020 during lockdown Milan Club Montreal put together a fantastic Fifa 20 tournament that involved Milan clubs and media outlets around the world. In 2021 they are back again and now they have partnered with Fondazione Milan to support their “Play for the Future” project. The AC Milan Offside will again be participating in this amazing event.

Fondazione Milan’s statement reads

“After the positive experience with the FIFA 20 tournament among all foreign Milan Clubs (and not only), which took place during the spring in a Lockdown moment, the friends of the Milan Club of Montreal, wanted to replicate this activity with the new FIFA 21.

In this edition, the proceeds will go to support the project “Play for the Future” of Fondazione Milan, which, through sporting activities, meets and supports 30 young people.

Tournament schedule

The online tournament, taking place over approximately 4 weeks, will begin on Friday, February 26, 2021 and end on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

The participants will be 64 players representing Milan Clubs abroad and some sports media talking about the Rossoneri world.”

Stay tuned to @ACMClubMTL for more details and updates on the tournament and follow Milan Weekly Podcast Youtube channel for more updates on the tournament plus great Milan content. If you would like to donate to Fondazione Milan you can do so here and support a good cause.