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AC Milan Purchase The Casa Milan Building For 42 Million Euros

This is a significant investment in the right direction and Milan look to generate more revenue out of the property.


Calcio e Finanza are reporting that AC Milan have exercised their option to purchase their headquarters at Casa Milan in the city centre. Milan have reportedly spent about 42 million euros to purchase the building financed by Unicredit. Milan had begun this process in late 2020 as we previously reported here as Milan established a newco called Casa Milan srl to purchase the property from Vittoria Assicurazioni. Casa Mila srl is owned by Milan Entertainment (99%) and AC Milan SpA (1%).

This is an important step forward to take control of the assets of the clubs and to reduce costs in the long run. Milan earlier this month announced the launch of Milan Studios on the first floor of the Casa Milan building as e reported here where they will produce media content in house and rent out the space to generate additional revenue. The building also houses the Casa Milan Museum which is another key revenue generator.