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Anteprima: AC Milan vs Sassuolo in the Coppa Italia Femminile

Hopefully the sequel will be better than the lackluster original.

US Sassuolo v AC Milan - Coppa Italia Women Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

The AC Milan Women will be taking on Sassuolo this Saturday in the second leg of the Coppa Italia Femminile tie.

The first tie between the two teams was rather lackluster. Milan put on a stilted performance that was capped off by poor game management. Had the Rossonere kept their focus, then Milan would have walked away from the Mapei with a victory.

Instead, the match ended in a tie. During the second half, Milan chose to sit back and soak up pressure and hit the Neroverde on the counterattack. The baffling choice of tactics ultimately sealed their fate. The stats for that match say it all, as the Neroverde took 15 shots on goal during that match, while Milan only had nine.


Eventually, Milan would crack under Sassuolo’s relentless assault, and Davina Philtjens made them pay at the 91st minute.

Now, Milan will be looking to overturn the first leg result. And given the way they performed against San Marino, a match in which they won 4-1, they just might have what it takes to do so.

Having both momentum and home-field advantage on your side can be a hell of a drug, even if the crowds are only there in spirit.

Look for Milan to walk away from the match with a victory, no matter how hard-fought and difficult it will be.

There’s no word on where the match will be broadcast. And sadly, it’s not going to be broadcast anywhere too. That was absolutely poor planning on Milan’s part ― but let’s save the discussion about it for a later date and a later time.

For now, let’s just be ghosts and be there for the Rossonere in spirit. Let’s also hope that they’ll pull off a win and will live to see another day.