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AC Milan's Crypto Fan Token $ACM Launches On The App

Milan enter the world of sports crypto as the commercial side continues to push boundaries.

AC Milan

AC Milan's fan token $ACM on went live yesterday at 12:00pm BST on the platform. The token debuted at $6.68 with a 24 hour trading volume in excess of $1,000,000. sent out a press release confirming that all pre-sale ‘Milan Devils’ Tokens have been transformed into $ACM Fan Tokens, meaning that fans who purchased them using the pre-sale Locker Room feature can vote in the forthcoming first poll and look forward to countless more opportunities to engage with their club. They also receive the 10% boost.

Calcio e Finanza are reporting that Milan fans on the platform who own the fan token will be able to vote on decisions of the club. The first one that has been presented is a poll to decide on a new motto for the club to be included in the dressing room.

Users on the platform will have the chance to take part in quizzes, polls and so on and will be given exclusive access to promotions, games, digital collectibles, super-fan recognition and VIP prizes.