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AC Milan's CEO Discusses The Future Of The Club and Elliot Management's Vision

The executive talks about a long term plan.

Bologna FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by MB Media/Getty Images

AC Milan's CEO Ivan Gazidis discussed the future of the club and the vision of Elliot Management. He spoke to Peppe di Stefano of Sky Italia via

Gazidis was asked: “What is Elliott Management’s vision for Milan?”

He answered: “They have a clear vision. They want a top Milan, with local values, winning. They want Milan in a new stadium, the most beautiful in the world.

“Elliott has always said there is no deadline. The ownership supported the club very strongly. Now this club can look to the future with confidence. I want to be part of this club and I want to help bring it back among the great international teams.

“I’m proud, I feel like a fan, today I really feel like a Milan fan. I have a very strong feeling for this company. It is not a financial challenge, but the challenge of my life. I love football since I was a child. Milan represents something special for me. A unique chance in the world for me. We’ve been through some tough times, but now we’re here. I am proud and I feel privileged.

“Dreams must be accompanied by work. We are an inclusive and progressive club, that’s why it was and is important to have the women’s team. As well as the work we do in the racism area, this is not just a football club, it is much more.”