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AC Milan Have Opened Renewal Talks With Two Key Players Ahead Of Next Summer

The duo have grown into some indispensable pieces of the current squad and their renewals are vital.

FC Crotone v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Fabrizio Romano speaking to Sempre Milan on their podcast has touched on two very important renewals for AC Milan for the contracts of right back Davide Calabria and midfielder Franck Kessi which expire next summer.

Do you think that we will start talks or have we started talks already for Kessie and Calabria?

“Yes, with these two players negotiation have started, but it’s not talks like they are in the details but they are just talking with the agent and the player to say that we want you in the future, and we want to talk with you about a new contract.

“So they are not in the details with the new salary or anything, but they have started to open negotiations with these players and let’s see in the coming weeks and months what will happen.

“And of course, for Kessie, they are so happy and many clubs wanted him even when he wasn’t performing with Milan. The board have always defended this player, they always wanted him to stay. One year ago Inter wanted him, Conte is a big fan of him, but Milan always said no chance. So for sure, they will negotiate with him for a new contract.

“And about Calabria, I think the pitch is speaking for him because his season has been amazing, so for sure they will negotiate for a new contract. He had some chances in Spain, because a lot of Spanish clubs appreciate him. He’s happy with Milan, he’s in love with the club, he was born in the club. So it’s normal also for him to stay and negotiate a new contract.”