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Could Verónica Boquete and Valentina Giacinti leave AC Milan?

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

AC Milan v SSC Napoli - Women Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Cottini/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As was noted before, AC Milan are currently in the midst of a quiet storm. There’s a lot of drama going on behind the scenes and the team has tried to keep a simmering lid on it. Unfortunately, the tension is spilling over, and the frothing hot broth is ready to explode in everyone’s faces.

And now, Milan faces the very real prospect of losing two of their best players, as Valentina Giacinti and Verónica Boquete might soon head out the door.

According to Cartellino Rosa, Valentina’s most likely destination might be in England, while Vero’s situation is being monitored by Milan’s league rivals.

The site states that both AS Roma and Inter Milan could try their hands at the Spaniard if she decides to leave in January. Keep in mind that the same site confirmed that Verónica would be joining Milan back in 2020.

The rumors have grown from sibilant whispers to a clamorous commotion within the past few days.

The fact that Vero was not summoned for the Derby against Inter and Valentina is still playing without the captain’s armband only adds to the sense of unease.

There is still a chance that the two players could stay with the Rossonere. However, we haven’t seen any indication that the two warring factions have been willing to meet halfway. And we also don’t know when this drama will reach its climax and conclusion.

All we can say is that Milan loses their two best players, then it would not only leave them at the bottom of a steep summit, but it would only be a logical consequence of being mismanaged by a coach who doesn’t know how to deal with his players.

There’s more news about this to come, so stay tuned.