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A Look At The Potential Positives Of The New AC Milan and Inter Stadium As Per The Council

This outlines the optimism around the regeneration of the area through the new stadium project.

AC Milan

AC Milan and Inter Milan received the public interest approval from the City Council of Milan this past week. Calcio e Finanza are now reporting on the positive aspects of the project as outlined by Council.

  • an overall regeneration of an extensive urban area characterized by the presence of the current Stadium, but also disqualified by the presence of large asphalt surfaces (spaces for the inflow and outflow of spectators, parking lots) used only on the occasion of the events held in the Stadium;
  • the realization of an articulated intervention that can constitute a new centrality of the city, lived 365 days a year and at all hours of the day, and with potential image returns and an increase in tourism at the city level, in a context that presents many critical issues ( in particular the presence, in the south of the area, of large concentrations of housing in public buildings, disposal of large sports facilities such as the former Trotto, lack of local services);
  • the construction of a new modern multifunctional sports facility, a new stadium in line with the most advanced international standards which, in the objectives of the proponents, will improve the comfort of spectators and increase the presence of a more family-oriented public, with safety and security conditions a much more efficient service offer than the current system. According to the proposers, the new facility may also increase the positioning of the two clubs in the international ranking
  • the implementation of all the interventions mainly borne by the private subject, with the assumption of the relative risks;
  • the potential creation of usable green spaces and ecological values ​​in connection with the neighboring park system;
  • a lower acoustic impact of the system, compared to the current situation, as declared by the proponents;
  • the potential versatility of the facility, capable of hosting sporting events, not only football and other forms of entertainment
  • the intervention provides for a significant induced employment.