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The Curva Sud Explain The Stunning Tifo From The Derby della Madonnina

The Rossoneri fans sent a lovely message to the healthcare workers thanking them for their service.

AC Milan v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Chris Ricco/Getty Images

AC Milan took on Inter Milan at the San Siro last night where both sides took away a point from the encounter following a 1-1 draw. The Curva Sud unveiled a fantastic tifo ahead of the match honouring all those who worked tirelessly through the coronavirus pandemic.

The banners read:

“For those who battled, and did not make it. For those who fought on the front line to save the country. We pay tribute to all those by dedicating the most important display of the season to them. Thank you!”

AC Milan v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/AC Milan via Getty Images

The Curva Sud published the meaning behind the tifo on their Instagram:

“Everyone knows that Milan-Inter has always been ‘The match’ for us at the Curva Sud. A year and a half ago, when closed at home we felt serene at all hours and there were hundreds of deaths.

The day has arrived and we have kept what we promised ourselves, sure that we have hit the mark again this time, because there are historical periods of life that go beyond football, sport and normal everyday life!

In those weeks men and women went down with their bare hands into the trenches without delay, to try to save our grandparents, our fathers, our brothers, our friends. We said to ourselves, ‘the day we return to the stadium they will be the champions to thank’.

The group has also surpassed itself this time in the idea and in the realisation, dedicating itself day and night to this work of art since August after the draw of the calendars. Thanks to the 150 guys who set up this show from 9 on Sunday morning, to AIMC for participating in the project, and to the hundreds of people on the curve who allowed us to finance ourselves (as always), this latest masterpiece.”

“Always with Milan in your heart, sure that from today you will be even more proud to be a Milan fan! AVANTI BANDITI, AVANTI CURVA SUD!”