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Milan Mayor Says Decision on AC Milan and Inter’s New Stadium To Arrive Imminently

This is a major step for the project following two years of delays.

Magnifica Fabbrica Press Conference At Palazzo Marino In Milan Photo by Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto via Getty Images

AC Milan and Inter Milan are edging closer to get the necessary approvals to begin the Nuovo Stadio Milano project which is considered by both clubs to be fundamental to their revenues going forward. There have been numerous hurdles in the path thus far but it seems the project has taken a turn for the better and could get the go ahead imminently. Very few top clubs in Italy own their stadiums which limits their revenue making it difficult to wield similar financial muscle to the likes of the Premier League clubs.

The Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala has once again provided an update via

“I believe that at this point, due to the way it has been formulated, we no longer have great uncertainties. If not tomorrow the approval of the public interest will be next Friday. I think it should be explained well, also to citizenship and to the whole world of politics. For the teams to respect the volumetric index of the PGT is a very positive thing.”