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AC Milan Could Gain 58 Million Euros By Qualifying To The UCL Round of 16

Milan have a tough opponent and slight odds but it would be a massive step up for the club.


Calcio e Finanza are reporting that AC Milan’s qualification to the next round of the UEFA Champions League albeit with very slim chances would be hugely beneficial from a financial perspective. If the Rossoneri make it to the round of 16 it is estimated that they will have made 58 million euros to that point in the competition.

Milan have already secured 15 million as the participation bonuses, 17 million for their historical ranking, 6 million from the market pool and 2 or so million in performance bonuses thus far.

Participation bonus (€m): 15.64

Historical ranking: 17.1

Bonus results: 6.53*

Market pool: 6

Market pool: 2 (minimum) to 3.5

Eighth bonus: 9.6

Total: €58.37m

*if Liverpool are beaten. are reporting Milan secured 2.8 million euros for that win against Atletico Madrid as that is the prize for a victory in the UCL this season. This was Milan’s first of the campaign.