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AC Milan Make Commitments To Fondazione Pangea Onlus To Support Their Afganistan Women Project

A good display of solidarity from the club and foundation.

Fondazione Milan

Yesterday was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, AC Milan on their website have announced their full commitment to aiding the integration process of ten female refugees in Italy, in line with its “RespAct” Manifesto

Milan announced its commitment to Fondazione Pangea Onlus by supporting the non-profit organisation’s women’s emancipation project, which aims to combat discrimination and restore women’s human rights through concrete action.

In particular, AC Milan will support ten women who have decided to leave Afghanistan and start their lives afresh in Italy. The Club will accompany them through their integration process in our country.

With the aim of keeping the spotlight on the strong socio-economic instability of Afghanistan, leveraging its global platform and the strength of its brand worldwide, the Club has identified Pangea as the ideal partner to provide this aid.

Founded in 2002, the Italian non-profit organisation has fought for human rights from day one. The foundation has been working in Kabul since 2003 with the “Afghanistan Crisis” appeal to support women’s social and economic emancipation. In 18 years, more than 7,000 families and over 60,000 girls and boys have been involved in this process of emancipation. Through development projects and the provision of resources, Pangea’s objectives are aimed at making a future with hope and dignity possible for all Afghan women.

Ivan Gazidis, AC Milan’s CEO, said: “A global Club like AC Milan undoubtedly has the responsibility to contribute in driving positive social change. Being a good corporate citizen means taking a stance on the big social issues, but also to take action. This principle guides our RespAct Manifesto, which has inspired the initiative in collaboration with Pangea: guaranteeing a safer future for ten young Afghan women and their families.

The Rossoneri’s commitment is therefore fully in line with the RespAct Manifesto, where social equity, equality and inclusiveness are the main pillars, in accordance with the directives of awareness, education, prevention and collaboration. The aim is to carry out tangible actions and implement projects for the future.