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LEAKED: AC Milan Will Return To Green For Their 2022/23 Third Shirt

Milan will don another unfamiliar colour following last year’s blue third shirt. are reporting that leaks have emerged of AC Milan’s third kit for the 2022/23 season as the Rossoneri are set to return to the unusual green colour. Milan have had a number of green shirts in the 2010s with Adidas such as the yellow/green in 2014/15, dark green in 2015/16 and grey/green in 2016/17. Officially, the colours for the shirt are “Dark Green Moss/Spring Moss”.

There are no further details about the shirt such as the design nor the accent colour. The report notes that this will be released in mid-August 2022.

Calcio e Finanza are reporting that Serie A has imposed limits of green jerseys in the league for the upcoming seasons possibly due to issues around visibility, broadcasting and advertisements. The report suggests the shirt will be a camouflage design and that the shade of green used which is titled ‘Dark Green Moss/Spring Moss’ will be permissible in the league.