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Recovery Update On AC Milan Goalkeeper Post Surgery As He Returns To Training

The keeper will be a key figure for us when he returns in January as he inspires confidence at the back, good to see the recovery on track.

AC Milan Training Session Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/AC Milan via Getty Images are reporting that AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan has returned to training a couple of weeks ago but the Frenchman is yet to work fully with the group as he is undergoing some personal work and hsi time with the ball is limited. The keeper can reportedly not save nor catch yet, the focus of his training is on general fitness and he is working largely on his lower body. The player is working to play with his feet even more. The recovery of his wrist post surgery is going well and is expected to be on schedule to have him back early in the new year.

Maignan has thus far played 9 matches for Milan since joining this summer and kept 3 cleans sheets so far. Tatarusanu who has taken over since his injury has played 7 games and kept 1 clean sheet in the past month or so.