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AC Milan’s Attacking Midfield Target Discusses His Desire To Join and The Influence Of Maldini

The Rossoneri would be considering enhancements from the next window to boost the chances in the league.


AC Milan pursued Romain Faivre from Brest this summer but failed to close the deal in the final days. The rumours have been persistent and now the player has spoken on the matter as we get closer to the January window.

Faivre spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport via following the game last weekend to say:

On Maldini: “What a show, I wanted to be on the pitch too. When Maldini calls you, a legend, you feel valued and you want to do everything to go to Milan.”

On his attempted Milan transfer: “It’s really nice knowing that my career really only started last season. I am convinced that in order to be successful in teams like Milan, you need to prepare in advance. So I have a personal athletic trainer three times a week, a nutritionist to eat healthy, but I don’t cook. Finally, a mental coach to learn how to better manage the emotions and pressure typical of big clubs like Milan.”

On his French connection: “I have known Ballo-Touré since the days of Monaco. He tells me that Milan is a great club, with great ambitions, with fantastic fans. I too am ambitious. In short, there is everything for it to work.”

Daniele Longo is however reporting that Faivre is not a priority for the winter transfer window and the current season.