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AC Milan and Puma Release Street Soccer Limited Edition Shirt and Collection

Another special edition shirt.

AC Milan

AC Milan and PUMA released a special edition shirt for the current season two weeks ago which largely went under the radar. The Street Soccer collection which was expected later this year was launched on the 19th of October and is available on the AC Milan online site but not the PUMA one. The collection features three pieces of clothing, a football shirt, a bib and a sweatshirt. All the pieces have a black core and red accents. The shirt features three red stripes down the middle with a centered Puma logo and Milan logo in black. The bib features a big red Puma logo in the middle. The sweatshirt has the Street Soccer brand across the front in red.

AC Milan Shop

The football shirt is going for 110 euros, the bib for 30 euros and the sweatshirt for 80 euros. This is a limited release as with most of the capsules we have seen recently.

You can see a gallery of the drop below.