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Official: AC Milan and other Clubs in Italy Set To Increase Stadium Capacity To 75% Following The International Break

This will be a big revenue boost for the clubs getting back on their feet post COVID-19.

Atalanta BC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Clubs in Italy can rejoice as stadiums are set to reopen with larger capacities following the international break with a plan to get to full capacity.

As per Football Italia, The Undersecretary of State for Sport, Valentina Vezzali announced at the Festival del Calcio in Trento that:

“The decision has been made, the capacity will be 75 per cent in open-air stadiums and 60 per cent for closed arenas. I hope that in circa 15 days we can reach 100 per cent. This is a small sign of support for the world of sport.”

AC Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni commented on the situation about a month ago to say:

“With the Green Pass it is possible, desirable – it is necessary to return to 100%. In Liverpool it was full. Everywhere it is like this. I hope the government will listen to us. At least 75%. Having the stadium half full is bad. There is a lot of desire for the stadium [to be full]. We sell with great ease and we could fill more after two years of abstinence.”